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How Many Sessions of Plasma Skin Resurfacing Are Needed for Optimal Results?

Dr. Leslie Emmert-Buck04/18/2024

Learn more about Opus Plasma® skin resurfacing and how skin resurfacing in Auburn Hills, MI can help renew your complexion and boost your confidence.


Why Become A Dry Eye Specialist?

Dr. Leslie Emmert-Buck09/03/2019

Dry eyes are a common issue, with millions seeking treatment. Learn the symptoms, causes, and how a specialist can help you find relief.


“Aging Eyes” Solutions

Dr. Leslie Emmert-Buck08/14/2019

Choose Refractive Lens Exchange (RLE) to address presbyopia and hyperopia, regaining clear vision and freedom from glasses.


Don’t Let Your Luck Run Out

Dr. Leslie Emmert-Buck07/24/2019

Contact lens mishaps can lead to severe eye damage. Consider safer alternatives like corrective eye surgery with Dr. Leslie Emmert-Buck.


How to Choose the Right LASIK Surgeon

Dr. Leslie Emmert-Buck07/02/2019

Dr. Emmert-Buck understands that every patient is different, but that's why she offers comprehensive, compassionate, and high-quality vision care.


Hey Guys, We Love Your Eyes!

Dr. Leslie Emmert-Buck06/24/2019

Discover the dual benefit of an eye checkup, identifying vision issues and potential health concerns.


Umpires Aren’t The Only Ones Who Need Better Vision

Dr. Leslie Emmert-Buck04/23/2019

Regular eye exams help maintain optimal vision and overall health. Schedule yours today!


Is Fear Keeping You From The Vision You Deserve?

Dr. Leslie Emmert-Buck03/15/2019

LASIK surgery is quick and safe, with 99% of patients completely satisfied! Call Dr. Emmert-Buck to get the best results.


You CAN Afford LASIK.

Dr. Leslie Emmert-Buck01/29/2019

Explore costs of self-improvement and LASIK options.


You Are Not Stuck With Those Reading Glasses

Dr. Leslie Emmert-Buck11/24/2018

Tired of reading glasses? Discover Refractive Lens Exchange (RLE) to replace your natural lens for improved vision without glasses.


Let’s Do The Numbers

Dr. Leslie Emmert-Buck10/29/2018

Investing in your vision is worth it. Calculate the costs of glasses, contacts, and more, and discover the freedom of eye surgery.


Is Your Vision Good To Go?

Dr. Leslie Emmert-Buck10/19/2018

The military embraces laser eye surgery. Navy and Army report success, ensuring the best vision for service members. Improve your vision today!


Is Meibomian Gland Dysfunction the Cause Of Your Dry Eyes?

Dr. Leslie Emmert-Buck09/19/2018

Dr. Emmert-Buck utilizes the latest technology to gauge the health of the meibomian glands, which may be the cause of your dry, scratchy eyes.


Optometry and Ophthalmology: Collaborating For Your Eye Care

Dr. Leslie Emmert-Buck09/10/2018

In order to deliver the best and most complete care for our patients, we oftentimes collaborate with other providers, such as optometrists.


Modern LASIK: A Safe and Fast Procedure

Dr. Leslie Emmert-Buck08/20/2018

Modern LASIK, specifically SBK, is a safe and fast procedure, with minimal risks and numerous benefits. Learn more at Capstone Vision.


See the Truth: 4 Myths About SBK (Modern LASIK)

Dr. Leslie Emmert-Buck08/02/2018

Sub-Bowman’s Keratomileusis (SBK) is a highly safe and rewarding procedure with 96% patient satisfaction.

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