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ASA/PRK in Auburn Hills, MI

What Is ASA/PRK?

Ophthalmology specialist Dr. Leslie Emmert-Buck recognizes the disappointment individuals may feel who aren't ideal candidates for LASIK so she performs multiple variations of laser eye surgery, for example, ASA (advanced surface ablation), also called PRK (photorefractive keratectomy), and LASEK, at her facility in Auburn Hills, MI. ASA/PRK was the first groundbreaking version of laser vision surgery and has granted perfect vision or better to a multitude of men and women internationally. It was conducted safely and effectively for about a decade before the invention of the LASIK and LASEK techniques. Thankfully, ophthalmologists still use ASA/PRK procedures often, especially for patients who don't have enough corneal tissue for LASIK. PRK and other laser eye surgery methods are all practiced to resolve or improve vision problems, like myopia and hyperopia, though ASA/PRK is performed a bit differently and requires a longer healing process. Most importantly, ASA/PRK offers results that compare to or even exceed those of other laser refractive surgeries. Reach out to our team at Capstone Vision & Aesthetics for a comprehensive consultation if you believe you may be a suitable candidate for ASA/PRK. Candidates for ASA/PRK are those who have reached ocular maturity between the ages of 18 and 45.

What Can I Expect From ASA/PRK?

The majority of PRK treatments can be conducted in about ten minutes. For certain cases, Dr. Emmert-Buck might recommend holding off a week or so between procedures for each eye. Before the surgery, an eye care professional will fully numb the eye with no-sting eye drops to create maximum comfort. After the eye is numb, a suction device will be situated over the eye to prevent blinking. The ASA/PRK technique is very similar to LASIK and LASEK for its first steps. The primary difference with this method is that no corneal flap is created. Rather, the epithelial tissue of the eye is totally removed and disposed of in order to reshape the underlying cornea. Following the surgery, patients are given a protective contact lens to shield the eye while the epithelial tissue grows back. The epithelial tissue usually grows back in about two weeks so the overall downtime takes a little longer compared to other laser eye surgery methods.

What Are the Benefits of ASA/PRK?

An excellent alternative for those who may not be ideal candidates for other popular procedures, like LASIK, ASA/PRK might be the best choice for many seeking clearer vision. ASA/PRK offers many advantages to our Auburn Hills, MI clients looking to receive corrective vision treatment, such as:

  • Fewer qualifiers than other competing procedures
  • Brief recovery time that leaves patients able to return to everyday life within days
  • Restorative process that removes reliance on other vision correctors, such as glasses and contacts
  • Long-lasting results that provide vision improvements for years to come
  • $5900

Dr. Emmert-Buck is the best. She did my laser eye surgery last year and I insisted that my husband get his here too before we move. I previously tried LASIK in a different state and had a flap complication which induced an astigmatism. She was able to correct it with PRK and I am so happy I got it done! 1 year later, my vision is really, really good. She’s very knowledgeable, thorough, and stays up to date with the literature and cutting-edge procedures. She’s also super nice, made me feel comfortable after my first unfortunate experience, and was very available during recovery to answer any questions. I highly recommend her, she’s the best hands you can be in.

A.P. Yelp

I had my corrective eye surgery (PRK) with Dr. Emmert-Buck, and I couldn't be more happy with the results! I have even better vision than I did with contacts, but without all the hassle of taking them in and out everyday. She was amazing to work with, talking me through all of my options and completing meticulous eye measurements. I was nervous about the days following the surgery, as PRK can be more painful than LASIK, but I was pleasantly surprised that it was just uncomfortable for a few days, and my vision was clear soon afterwards. All in all, a great experience and I would highly recommend Capstone Vision to anyone considering corrective eye surgery.

H.K. Google

Came in for LASIK consult and did PRK with Dr. Leslie Emmert-Buck. She is very nice and reliable person. Happy with what I did and highly recommended.

K.M. Google

Went in for LASIK consult and we settled on PRK as the path forward. Honestly the best money I think I've ever spent, both in terms of the procedure and who handled the operation. Dr. Emmert-Buck and her staff are all so wonderfully attentive and personable. There was even a self-caused issue after the procedure and Dr. Emmert-Buck was quick with being able to meet me the day it happened and help me resolve the issue. If I ever need touch ups later on in life, I know where I'm going!

R.H. Google


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Dependable Vision Correction

Since it was the original approach to laser refractive surgery, ASA/PRK has been helping individuals with dependable vision correction for decades. For those who were previously disappointed that they weren't good candidates for LASIK, ASA/PRK may be the best answer. At Capstone Vision & Aesthetics, our fantastic team has happily provided sharp eyesight to many Auburn Hills, MI clients. Reach out to us to plan a consultation so Dr. Emmert-Buck can determine whether ASA/PRK is the ideal option for you.

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