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Nonsurgical Eyelid Lift in Auburn Hills, MI

What Is A Nonsurgical Eyelid Lift?

When looking in a mirror, do your eyes seem saggy? As the skin begins to droop and lose its youthfulness, it may result in the appearance of hooded or sleepy eyes. A nonsurgical eyelid lift, also called a nonsurgical blepharoplasty, with the cutting-edge Opus Plasma Colibri® handpiece utilizes concentrated radiofrequency (RF) and fractional laser energies to tighten sagging under the eyes and drooping eyelids. This advanced technology promotes collagen production to enhance the luminous appearance of the skin. If you want to find out more about noninvasive eyelid lifts, reach out to Capstone Vision & Aesthetics in Auburn Hills, MI to schedule an appointment with Dr. Leslie Emmert-Buck.

How Does A Nonsurgical Eyelid Lift Work?

Blepharoplasty treatments are carried out using the Opus Plasma Colibri, a state-of-the-art handpiece that allows our providers to safely treat wrinkles and sagging eyelids using microplasma and high-intensity radiofrequency (RF) energy. Together, these work to deliver heat deep into the layers of skin, stimulating collagen production for natural, long-term regrowth. Unlike plasma pen treatments offered at other med spas, the Colibri can be adjusted to provide the right level of treatment for your complexion and cosmetic goals without creating additional inflammation or scarring. The results are comparable to surgery, though the technique is far more convenient.

After undergoing a nonsurgical eyelid lift, you can swiftly return to your daily activities. Expect some minor redness and swelling in the treated area, which should go away within 1 – 2 days. Limiting sun exposure is also crucial during your recovery. Our team will give you detailed aftercare instructions and advise if additional treatments might be needed to achieve the best possible results.

Who is a Candidate for a Nonsurgical Eyelid Lift?

A nonsurgical eyelid lift is an ideal option for patients who want to rejuvenate their appearance without undergoing invasive surgery. It is suitable for individuals who have mild to moderate drooping or sagging in the upper or lower eyelids, as well as those with wrinkles or fine lines around the eyes. During a consultation, Dr. Emmert-Buck will evaluate your skin and discuss your goals to determine if a nonsurgical blepharoplasty is the best solution for your needs. Our goal is to help you achieve a refreshed, youthful look that enhances your unique features and seems natural.

What Are the Benefits of A Nonsurgical Eyelid Lift?

With new technologies and innovative techniques, aesthetic enhancements have greatly expanded to less invasive approaches that rejuvenate the eye area. A nonsurgical eyelid lift at our Auburn Hills, MI practice can provide a range of benefits for both your appearance and your vision, including:

  • Provides a more alert, awake look
  • Creates a more youthful appearance
  • Performed quickly and comfortably
  • Minimal discomfort or downtime for recovery
  • Provides immediate results that last
  • Smoothes wrinkled, saggy skin around the eyes

Dr. Buck has a passion for making sure you are getting the BEST care and results for your eyes. She is a wealth of knowledge and provides a detailed and extensive eye exam using state of the art technology to make sure you are getting the best recommendation. Her office is beautiful, clean and very professional!

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Both eyes were corrected by radial keratotomy procedures 36 years ago.That added additional difficulty to lens replacement procedures Both corrective surgeries were performed flawlessly by Dr. Emmert-Buck, with no post-op complications.My vision was corrected to at least 20/20 for distance and at least 20/30 for reading. I can perform any activity without corrective lens. Dr. Emmert-Buck's work exceeded my highest expectations.

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I saw Dr Emmert- Buck when I suddenly started to see floaters( black moving spots in vision) . The office procedures were very efficient, there was no wait time, her evaluation was extremely thorough. She was able to put me at ease and also gave me tips for dry eyes. I have great trust in her expertise and will be returning to her for my eye care.

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Dr. Emmert Buck is an excellent ophthalmologist. We miss her greatly.. her cataract surgery on both of my husband's eyes were perfect. She is intelligent, thorough, meticulous, kind and caring. Thank you for your wonderful care!

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I had cataracts on both eyes. My husband also had cataracts and we both had an excellent experience with Dr.Leslie Emmett-Buck! I would highly recommend her for any eye surgery you need!

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What is the downtime after a nonsurgical eyelid lift?

One of the advantages of a nonsurgical eyelid lift is minimal downtime compared to traditional surgical blepharoplasty. Patients in Auburn Hills, MI may experience some redness, swelling, or bruising at the treatment site, but these side effects typically resolve within a few days to a week. Most individuals can resume normal activities immediately after the procedure.

How soon can I see results after a nonsurgical eyelid lift?

Results from a nonsurgical eyelid lift at Capstone Vision & Aesthetics may be visible immediately after the procedure, with continued improvement over the following weeks as any swelling subsides and the skin adjusts. Injectable fillers can provide immediate volume enhancement, while laser therapy or radiofrequency treatments may stimulate collagen production for gradual skin tightening and rejuvenation.

How long do the results of a nonsurgical eyelid lift last?

The longevity of results from a nonsurgical eyelid lift can vary depending on the specific techniques used, the individual's skin type and condition, and lifestyle factors. Injectable fillers typically last several months to a year before requiring touch-up treatments, while laser therapy or radiofrequency treatments may provide longer-lasting results with periodic maintenance.

Youthful and Rejuvenated Appearance

If you would like to lift droopy eyelids and soften the sagging skin underneath your eyes, Capstone Vision & Aesthetics is proud to offer nonsurgical eyelid lifts. We use the Colibri handpiece from our Alma Opus Plasma device to target small, delicate areas, like the skin around the eyes. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Emmert-Buck to find out how your eyes can appear youthful and rejuvenated.

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