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LASIK in Auburn Hills, MI

What Is LASIK?

Board-certified ophthalmologist Dr. Leslie Emmert-Buck has comprehensive experience with many of the most innovative refractive surgery procedures, such as all laser LASIK. LASIK (laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis) is the most asked-for refractive surgery in the eye care field. Millions of people around the world have opted for this transformative surgery and have achieved excellent outcomes. LASIK is the number-one, most-studied, elective procedure worldwide.

LASIK surgery can reduce or fully resolve myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism by precisely changing the shape of the cornea so that light can focus properly on the retina. A few of the best aspects of LASIK are that it is extremely fast and virtually painless, and it offers long-term outcomes. By employing the Visx platform or iLASIK technology, these custom, advanced technologies help provide highly personalized, accurate, and safe vision correction procedures.  Almost as importantly, Dr. Emmert-Buck's meticulous attention to detail during the initial assessment will allow her to tell you if you are not a good LASIK candidate. Fortunately there are other vision correction options you may be a candidate for, such as Evo ICL. 

At Capstone Vision & Aesthetics, our mission is for every individual to achieve their best vision. We know that sharp eyesight may have a tremendous impact on quality of life and that getting the sharpest vision possible can optimize everything, from schoolwork to favorite hobbies.

Plan a visit at our Auburn Hills, MI office at your earliest convenience to receive a LASIK evaluation with our extensively educated eye surgeon to learn if LASIK could be the most effective treatment for you. You might be on your way to decreasing or even doing away with your reliance on prescription lenses. Candidates for LASIK are typically between the ages of 18 – 45.

What Can I Expect From LASIK?

At Capstone Vision & Aesthetics, LASIK is a surprisingly fast, beneficial refractive error correction treatment. Further, a significant majority of people don't report any discomfort during the procedure, which typically lasts under ten minutes for both eyes.

Prior to beginning the surgery, the individual's eyes will be totally numbed with eye drops to maximize comfort. Next, starting with the first eye, a special eyelid holder will be used to prevent blinking during the procedure. People receiving LASIK can't see this device and will not feel anything but a slight tension in the eyelids. Following this, Dr. Emmert-Buck will utilize the first innovative laser device to create an delicate corneal flap which is then carefully lifted. She will then use a second laser to correct the contour of the lower layer of corneal tissue. Once this is finished, she will replace the flap back into its proper position. Incredibly, it will then typically reattach itself with no need for sutures. Individuals who receive LASIK usually have improved vision every hour that night and great vision when they wake up the next day!

What Are the Benefits of LASIK?

LASIK surgery for our Auburn Hills, MI clients is an excellent alternative that offers clients more freedom and convenience as they reduce dependence on corrective eyewear. This cutting-edge procedure also presents a number of benefits for clients pursuing LASIK, including:

  • No hassle or inconvenience of wearing glasses or lenses during workouts or sports activities!
  • No need to travel with contact lenses, solutions, cases!
  • Cost savings over time without annual prescriptions for corrective eyewear!
  • Eliminates the hassle of purchasing cleaning solutions and other supplies for corrective eyewear!
  • Improvement in vision quality!
  • $5900 for both eyes

I can highly recommend Dr. Emmert-Buck. I had cataract surgery on both eyes as well as a lens inserted on both this summer and I can see 20/20 without glasses, it's a life changer. Dr Emmert-Buck is a very caring and meticulous doctor/person and explains everything before and after surgery in an easy to understand manner. She also takes her time with you when you are in her office to go through all the exams and any questions you might have. I'm recommending all my family and friends to see her for any eye needs.

C.M. Google

Dr. Emmert-Buck is truly one of the most genuinely caring doctors that I have met. She spent so much time with me during my visits and was very thorough. She was able to solve the issues with my eye quickly, trialing multiple options to see what worked best. The office manager is also an amazing lady; so kind, helpful, and organized. I highly recommend this office to anyone!

S.S. Google

My experience has been excellent going to Dr. Emmert-Buck for regular eye checkups and most recently surgery. Highly recommend

B.H. Google

I have Dr. Emmert-Buck and her staff to thank for resolving my vision issues..the office is very professional, courteous and timely, so glad I found them!

J.S. Google

This was my first time having an eye exam and Dr. Leslie was very professional and friendly at the same time. Great experience!

P.B. Google


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Is LASIK vision correction safe?

Yes, LASIK is considered to be a safe and effective procedure for correcting refractive errors. It has been extensively studied and is the most commonly performed elective surgery worldwide. Dr. Emmert-Buck works with advanced technology and has years of experience performing LASIK, resulting in optimal outcomes for patients.

Will I still need glasses after LASIK?

Many patients are able to achieve 20/20 vision after LASIK and no longer require glasses or contact lenses for most daily activities. However, some patients may still need corrective eyewear for tasks like reading or driving at night. At Capstone Vision & Aesthetics, we will discuss your individual case and determine whether you could need glasses or contacts after treatment.

Are the results from LASIK permanent?

The results from LASIK are designed to last a lifetime. However, it is important to note that as we age, our eyes continue to change. This means that some patients may experience slight changes in their vision several years after LASIK. The good news is that the majority of patients maintain long-term clear vision without the need for additional procedures in Auburn Hills, MI.

Long-Term, Crystal-Clear Vision Today

Remarkable developments in LASIK technology have made more laser refractive surgeries possible. If you have been informed in the past that you wouldn't be suitable for LASIK, set up an appointment at Capstone Vision & Aesthetics to check on whether it's still the case. Individuals who aren't ideal candidates for LASIK may be eligible for other refractive surgery options, such as PRK or Evo ICL. Our team is pleased to provide Auburn Hills, MI clients with the clearest eyesight possible.

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