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How to Choose the Right LASIK Surgeon

By: Dr. Leslie Emmert-Buck


We’re All Different

Everyone’s eyes are different and everyone has a different attitude toward surgery. Some people know they need it, but are scared nonetheless. Others are ready to dive right in, without even asking any questions! Some people rely on what their doctor recommends without seeking a second opinion, and some people read everything on the Internet and ask the opinion of everyone they know before they schedule an appointment.

Meet Julie

Julie heard about Dr. Emmert-Buck through a friend and read all of the patient testimonials on the Capstone Vision website and Facebook page before she even called to schedule an appointment. She showed up with a list of questions ( that she had to put on her glasses to read ), and was pleased that all of her questions were answered and all of her concerns addressed. Not only were her general questions about eye surgery answered thoroughly and thoughtfully, but Dr. Emmert-Buck also took the time to explain all the details in reference to Julie’s specific vision problems.

Julie’s Big Surprise

Julie was shocked when Dr. Emmert-Buck had just as many questions for her; about her lifestyle, her hobbies, her occupation, where her vision has been, and how it has changed. Dr. Emmert-Buck thoroughly explained the benefits and risks of LASIK surgery and made sure that Julie understood them before moving on. She asked if Julie had any questions or concerns about the equipment that would be used, and made sure Julie was aware that she would be getting a thorough pre-op examination and surgery on the most up-to-date technology available. And, as Dr. Emmert-Buck is experienced with many procedures, including LASIK, PRK and RLE, she and Julie were able to discuss which procedure would give Julie the best results.

Her Biggest Concerns

Julie didn’t want to pressured or rushed into surgery, and she wanted to be sure that she would see her eye surgeon on her follow-up visit, and not be handed off to an associate. Those two items were non-negotiable. She said they would make her feel like a number, like another notch on a surgeon’s tally. Dr. Emmert-Buck assured Julie that the decision – if and/or when – was totally up to her and also that she would be there for all follow-up appointments, not an associate. Dr. Emmert-Buck believes that when it comes to eye surgery everyone should get the best vision, not the best deal. Julie left her appointment with a thorough understanding of how her eyes work, or how they are not working, and which surgery would give her the best possible outcome. She was also encouraged to call if she thought of any additional questions.

What Makes Julie Special

At Capstone Vision what makes Julie special is the same thing that makes every patient special. Everyone is treated like Julie, with time and attention given to every detail, every question, and every concern. Dr Emmert-Buck believes in comprehensive high quality vision care delivered with care and compassion. She knows that everyone is different, with different issues, concerns, desires, and that all of these must be addressed for the best possible outcome.

Your Eyes Deserve The Best Treatment

Why would you accept any less than the best possible treatment for your one-and-only pair of eyes? Schedule your appointment today to see what options are available to you for your best possible vision.

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