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Hey Guys, We Love Your Eyes!

By: Dr. Leslie Emmert-Buck


One Appointment Solves Two Problems

Rick’s wife scheduled an appointment for Rick with Dr. Emmert-Buck when she got tired of Rick borrowing her glasses every time he needed to read something. In his mid-40s, Rick had always had great vision but now was at the point where he needed (but was in denial about needing) reading glasses. During the appointment, Dr. Emmert-Buck asked Rick if he has high blood pressure and he told her that it has been “on the border of high” for a few years. Based on the condition of the blood vessels in his eyes, Dr. Emmert-Buck recommended Rick see his general practitioner – where he discovered that his blood pressure had crept into the “high” zone since his last appointment.

June is Men’s Health Month

Studies show that, compared to women, men are more likely to smoke and/or drink, make unhealthy and/or risky choices, and put off regular checkups and medical care, thus making those first two items even more problematical. Encourage the man in your life to pay better attention to his health.

It’s Not Black or White

Did you know that men are 16 times as likely as women to be colorblind? As many as eight percent of men of Northern European heritage suffer from the common form of red-green color blindness. Color blindness is inherited, and carried in the X chromosome. It can be present at birth, begin in childhood, or not appear until adulthood.

Color blindness can make it difficult to read and understand color-coded information, like charts and graphs, maps, or even traffic lights. It takes a color-blind person an extra second to calculate the light by position instead of color. It can also affect everyday tasks like cooking meat to the correct temperature (by sight) or choosing ripe produce. Small children with color blindness may not eat a healthy diet because food looks unappealing.

Treat Your Eyes Like Your Feet

You don’t wear the same type of shoes for all the different activities that you do (you’re not going out for a run in your oxfords – we hope), and Men’s Health Magazine suggests you ask your eye doctor for custom lens prescriptions (or ask about LASIK) for the different devices you use. If you’re on the computer all week, your eyes will need a different prescription on the weekend when you are trying to enjoy the outdoors.

Dr. Emmert-Buck is an expert at listening to her patients and taking their goals and lifestyle into consideration when prescribing eye treatments.

Work Hard Play Hard

Because men are more likely to play dangerous sports or do labor-intensive work, they tend to be at greater risk of accidental eye injury. Men are also more likely to forego protective eyewear and that makes them three times more likely than women to incur an eye injury.

Play those sports, attack those projects – and make sure your eyes are protected. Schedule your comprehensive eye exam at Capstone Vision so you know the best option for you.

Keep Those Eyes Healthy

There are plenty of simple ways to maintain your eye health.

  • If you are working on a device with a screen for several hours, every twenty minutes look away from it and focus on something in the distance.
  • Eat nutrient rich foods.
  • Quit smoking.
  • Use safety eyewear.
  • Wear sunglasses with UV protection.
  • And stop “borrowing” your wife’s glasses.

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