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You CAN Afford LASIK.

By: Dr. Leslie Emmert-Buck


Where The Money Is Going

Would you believe that a recent study by OnePoll found that women spend $313 per month on their appearance, and men spend $244? Per month!

Let’s take a look at the average costs of the things we do to make our lives better.

  • Gym membership: $40-$50/month (ongoing)
  • Yoga classes: $12-$16/class (ongoing)
  • Manicure: $20-$50/visit (ongoing)
  • Pedicure: $35-$60/visit (ongoing)
  • Massage: $60-$100/visit (ongoing)
  • Hair cut/color: $83-$150/visit (ongoing)
  • Personal trainer: $80-$125/session (ongoing)
  • Round of golf: $40+/round (ongoing)
  • Swim or Tennis club: $100+/month (ongoing)
  • Wi-Fi: $50+/month (ongoing)
  • Netflix: $11+/month (ongoing)
  • Dog walker: $15+/walk (ongoing)
  • Starbucks coffee: $3.50/cup (ongoing)
  • Movies (with snacks): $15+/person (ongoing)
  • Braces: $4,937

The average pair of glasses (including frames and lenses) costs about $300. Contact lenses and solution run at least $370. And you are paying that every year!

Consider These Options

Dr. Emmert-Buck knows we all have different ways of figuring out how to pay for the things that will make our lives better. Because of that, she accepts both CareCredit and Alphaeon Credit. Also, she can split up your payment among different credit cards (so you can get cash back or airline miles or hotel points! Or whatever you’re saving up for!). She also accepts HSA and FSA funds.

You Are Worth It

Imagine waking up and being able to see right away. Imagine being able to play sports without specialized glasses or goggles. Imagine being able to do everything without having to stop and think, “Did I remember my glasses/contacts?” The right eye surgery can change your life. And you deserve it.

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