Telemedicine allows you to see

Dr. Leslie Emmert-Buck from home.

We can bring a private, secure, health experience to the comfort of your home.

We have partnered with EyeCareLive to bring you secure telemedicine. You will need to download the secure, private EyeCareLive app from the Apple App Store or Google Play.  The information you input on the app remains private at all times.

Use Telemedicine and consult us for:

Red Eyes

Dry Eye Questions

LASIK Consultations

Cataract Consultations

Eye Health Consultations

Vision Checks

Contact Lens Ordering

Glasses and Contact Lens Prescription Renewals (if you know your current prescription)

Botox and Jeuveau evaluations!


1. Download the EyeCareLive App.

2.Create an account.

3.Search for Buck and choose Leslie Emmert-Buck as your doctor.

4.Choose your appointment.

5.Complete as much information as you can.

6. We will be notified about your request and call you to make the appointment.