Anyone who’s ever started a business knows it’s no simple task. In fact, just getting to the point that you can open your doors feels like a major feat, like crossing the finish line of a marathon. This is the case for me. After months of planning and preparing, I’m so proud to open the doors of my eye care and vision correction facility, Capstone Vision, to the community this month.


By design, Capstone is unlike other eye care facilities out there. And I’m able to say that thanks to numerous people who’ve cheered me along the way, lent their time or expertise, and provided support or equipment. As the saying goes, it has taken a village to get Capstone off and running, and I’d like to extend a heartfelt thanks to the following people and organizations who have helped make it possible:


  • First, my family: Mike, Nate, Emily, and Alicia. Thank you!










  • Jim Poole, electrician




Thanks to all I have inadvertently missed here!


The people and organizations above have welcomed me to Auburn Hills and Rochester and helped me feel like part of the community, and community is something I value greatly.


At Capstone Vision, we will focus on being a part of the community, and continually give back and support our neighbors.


I was proud to do this for the first time in 2017 before we even opened by being a sponsor of The Brooksie Way. I look forward to once again joining my fellow local businesses as a sponsor of the race again this year.


Through the Auburn Hills Chamber of Commerce, Capstone was also a proud sponsor of the Women in Business: Beyond Balanced event. This was a great day of discussions and professional speaker presentations related to how women can balance all the areas of our lives.


If you know of a great community event or organization Capstone should be a part of, please contact us. We’re always looking for ways to connect with our neighbors and look forward to meeting you!