Comprehensive Eye Exams

The Lifelong Vision Partnership (LVP) exam is the flagship comprehensive eye exam at Capstone Vision. During the LVP exam, your eyes will be thoroughly assessed from front to back using a combination of doctor expertise and the latest technology.

There are two levels of LVP, gold and silver.

The LVP-Silver is a thorough eye exam, including dilation of your pupils and your glasses prescription.  Choose this exam if:

  1. you feel that your vision is good with your current glasses or contacts and need an updated prescription.

  2. you don’t wear glasses and need a good eye exam to check your eye health.

The LVP-Gold is a thorough eye exam, including safe, non-invasive, state-of-the-art digital imaging and analysis from your eyelids to the back of your eye, dilation of your pupils, and your glasses prescription. Choose this exam if:

  1. you want to know your options to finally get rid of your glasses and contacts!

  2. you feel your vision “isn’t quite right” with your current glasses or contacts.

  3. there is a new change in your vision.

  4. you have dry, scratchy, red, or painful eyes.

  5. you want to know more about your cataracts.

  6. you just want all the cool, state-of-the-art digital tests!  Nothing wrong with that!

We treat each patient as an individual and take the time to get to know you, your needs, and your lifestyle before making any recommendation for your vision correction.

Everyone is unique, and what is right for your friend’s vision might not be right for you. Your individualized Lifelong Vision Partnership exam will show you what is best for you.  You can trust in years of experience and training to guide your eye care needs.