“I have been so fortunate to have Dr. Leslie Emmert-Buck as my ophthalmologist for the past ten years. I have never experienced such a complete eye examination and, as a former ophthalmic technician, I have observed many eye exams. I have the beginnings of cataracts and when it’s time to remove them, I will drive from Maryland to have her do the surgery!”

“Dr. Leslie Emmert-Buck was my eye doctor for 12 years before she moved to Michigan. I always found her professional, caring, and perhaps most importantly, accessible. Her treatment programs for me were conservative and well thought out. I never felt hurried while in her care.”

“Dr. Leslie Emmert-Buck’s care of my complicated eye conditions was outstanding and only surpassed by her skill as a surgeon when it came time to have my cataract surgery. She improved my eyesight from not even being able to see the big ‘E’ to having 20/20 vision in both eyes! An everyday occurrence for her, I’m sure, but nothing short of a miracle for me.”

“When I became a patient of Dr. Leslie Emmert-Buck 15 years ago, I had advanced glaucoma. Under her expert treatment and care, my glaucoma has been controlled and kept in check. She also treated me for cataracts and successfully performed surgery to remove them. She was always willing to answer all my questions and showed that she cared.”

I had been struggling with double vision for about 4 months. I was shuffled from an Optometrist to an Ophthalmologist that ordered a CT. I was advised to see an eye surgeon or a neurologist. My primary care Physician was at a loss to help me and guide me to figure out who to see and what to do. So for about 3 of the 4 month I was put on steroid and left to “see what happened”. I had never felt so disappointment and hopeless in my care from all of these doctors.
Then I got Dr. Emmert-Buck’s name and number. I called her up half-expecting to get the same run around and appointment set for 3-4 weeks out. I was pleasantly surprised that she was able to get me in the same day and evaluate me very thoroughly. She did what no one else had done. She explained what was going on. She was able to get me the correct test that I needed and then was able to get me into the Beaumont eye institute. In 24 hours she was able to get done what others either couldn’t or didn’t care enough to do. I have hope again and am very confident that I am on the right path to recovery.