Does This Sound Familiar?

We’ve all been there. You arrive on time for your eye doctor appointment, you spend several minutes filling out or updating paperwork. Then you wait. Your name is called and you are taken to an examination room where you explain everything that has been happening with your vision to an assistant who is usually inputting the appropriate information into a computer or pad for insurance purposes.  Then you wait again. The doctor comes in and you repeat everything you told the assistant. The doctor may farm out part of your exam to yet another assistant. There is more waiting. The doctor pops in and out – quickly – a few more times. Then you’re done. You have a prescription. You have probably been there for over an hour and have seen the doctor for about seven minutes.


Why Capstone Vision Is Different

Capstone Vision is not your typical eye doctor experience. Dr. Emmert-Buck is passionate about treating the WHOLE patient. She takes the time to talk to you, to get to know you – your occupation, hobbies, and lifestyle so she can recommend what you need to get the best vision correction option that fits your life. She wants to know all of your health and wellness goals and takes the time to address any issues and discuss what options will fit into your lifestyle.

She knows that it takes time to discuss all your issues. For you to remember those spots you were seeing a few weeks ago but forgot about because they mostly went away. To figure out what is making your eyes feel dry. And why your eyes feel tired at the end of the day if you’ve been reading a lot – even if you’ve been wearing your glasses or contacts. It takes time for you to bring up all the things you like to do – ski, snorkel, surf, and/or snowmobile. To bring up your new workout program or the new diet you started. To remember to mention that you work in a room with no windows and lots of fluorescent light. Or that you spend 10 hours a day outdoors.


More Than Just Your Eyes

All these important things contribute to your eye health and Dr. Emmert-Buck will take the time to get to you know you – as a person not just a patient. Then you will work together in a Lifelong Vision Partnership to keep your eyes at their healthiest throughout your entire life. Make your appointment today to experience the difference.