Self pay model healthcare

If healthcare insurance programs leave you confused about coverage and what you are paying for, you’re not alone. As monthly premiums rise across the country year after year, it seems deductibles increase too and covered services and benefits decrease or remain the same.

What does a self pay model look like? An article in Dailywire lists the following features:

  1. Consumers control the cost of their healthcare by deciding what options are right for them.
  2. Costs of healthcare are lowered due to reduced bureaucracy, paperwork, rules and regulations.
  3. Some cash pay doctors charge monthly or annual fees, while others charge only a published fee for service.
  4. Doctors are able to spend more time with their patients for personalized care.
  5. Hospitals must accept cash pay patients and many offer discounted rates for cash up front.
  6. Physicians who accept cash only are increasing by 25% per year, although their numbers are still small.
  7. There is a perception that a cash only system is only for the wealthy, but direct medicine can be affordable when you look at the total cost of insurance premiums, deductibles, plus the cost of your medical care.

Capstone Vision works directly for patients, not hospitals, Medicare, or insurance companies. Patients get the care they deserve. We believe in price transparency. We do not participate with third party payers, including insurance companies, Medicare, and Medicaid.  Because we do not submit any information to the insurance companies or Medicare, your private health information remains in our office, private.

Our Lifelong Vision Partnership is a promise to offer the best vision care at every stage of your life, ensuring you have the best technology, the best education, the best doctor, and the best vision experience possible.

You will receive the best, conscientious care at your visit, at which time payment will be required. You will not receive a bill or explanation of benefits from your insurance company with confusing charges, co-pay, or deductible.

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