Anyone who’s ever started a business knows it’s no simple task. In fact, just getting to the point that you can open your doors feels like a major feat, like crossing the finish line of a marathon. This is the case for me. After months of planning and preparing, I’m so proud to open the doors of my eye care and vision correction facility, Capstone Vision, to the community this month.


By design, Capstone is unlike other eye care facilities out there. And I’m able to say that thanks to numerous people who’ve cheered me along the way, lent their time or expertise, and provided support or equipment. As the saying goes, it has taken a village to get Capstone off and running, and I’d like to extend a heartfelt thanks to the following people and organizations who have helped make it possible:


  • First, my family: Mike, Nate, Emily, and Alicia. Thank you!










  • Jim Poole, electrician




Thanks to all I have inadvertently missed here!


The people and organizations above have welcomed me to Auburn Hills and Rochester and helped me feel like part of the community, and community is something I value greatly.


At Capstone Vision, we will focus on being a part of the community, and continually give back and support our neighbors.


I was proud to do this for the first time in 2017 before we even opened by being a sponsor of The Brooksie Way. I look forward to once again joining my fellow local businesses as a sponsor of the race again this year.


Through the Auburn Hills Chamber of Commerce, Capstone was also a proud sponsor of the Women in Business: Beyond Balanced event. This was a great day of discussions and professional speaker presentations related to how women can balance all the areas of our lives.


If you know of a great community event or organization Capstone should be a part of, please contact us. We’re always looking for ways to connect with our neighbors and look forward to meeting you!

A visit to the ophthalmologist is pretty standard, right? Maybe at most practices, but at Capstone Vision, your visit to the eye doctor is anything but ordinary.

Capstone is a long-time vision (no pun intended!) of Dr. Leslie Emmert-Buck’s. Her goal is to build a new type of eye care and vision correction center that is focused on patient care in unique ways. That means that we care about you as a whole person — and we show it.

When you fill out your new-patient paperwork, you’ll find some unusual questions on it — questions we think you’ll find to be more fun than the average medical history questions! You’ll get to tell us about your favorite music, hobbies, drinks and more. Why? Because we want to get to know you. 

At the Office

When you enter our office, you can expect a friendly team member to greet you in a relaxing atmosphere where you can grab a drink while you wait. And when we say the waiting area will be relaxing, we mean it. You won’t experience a hectic space with phones ringing off the hook.

That sense of calm extends into the exam and procedure rooms. In today’s world of health care, it can be hard to feel heard by your doctor or to find one who can spend time with you to thoroughly explain what’s going on in terms you can understand. But Dr. Emmert-Buck is that doctor. Her goal is to give you the best care and to treat you like family. She will eagerly listen to your concerns — and successes! — and believes in empowering each patient. She will learn about your history and lifestyle, then use her expertise and diagnostic information to educate you about your vision and suggested treatment options as well as general wellness.

She is passionate about the newest advances in vision correction and loves to teach patients about eye care as it pertains them, with a holistic approach. This means that, in addition to vision correction procedures, Dr. Emmert-Buck may make recommendations about general nutrition, supplements and vitamins, and eye drops that can help you better care for your eyes.

Our Lifelong Vision Partnership exam thoroughly assesses your eyes from front to back, using the doctor’s knowledge and state-of-the-art technology. From this exam, you’ll gain an understanding of your eye health and a customized plan for optimal vision depending on what stage you’re at in life.

Vision correction services that we offer include:

  • SBK (Sub-Bowman’s Keratomileusis; definition: advanced LASIK)
  • ASA (Advanced Surface Ablation)
  • Cataract Surgery
  • Near Vision Solutions
  • Dry Eye Solutions

And we know that it can be hard to plan your procedures to align with family or a friend’s schedule, so if you come in for SBK and need a ride home, we can help. Just let us know and we’ll have a Lyft pick you up so you can relax knowing it’s taken care of.

At Capstone Vision of Auburn Hills, our motto is “See well. Feel well. Be well.” And Dr. Emmert-Buck believes that when you’re confident in your vision and appearance, you feel good and are more excited to create the life you want. So come in to discover options to get your glasses and contacts out of your way.

If all this isn’t exciting enough, we’ve got big plans for the future that we’re excited to share when the time is right. We hope you’ll grow with us!

To learn more or schedule your appointment with Dr. Emmert-Buck, click here or call 248-710-0063.

If healthcare insurance programs leave you confused about coverage and what you are paying for, you’re not alone. As monthly premiums rise across the country year after year, it seems deductibles increase too and covered services and benefits decrease or remain the same.

What does a self pay model look like? An article in Dailywire lists the following features:

  1. Consumers control the cost of their healthcare by deciding what options are right for them.
  2. Costs of healthcare are lowered due to reduced bureaucracy, paperwork, rules and regulations.
  3. Some cash pay doctors charge monthly or annual fees, while others charge only a published fee for service.
  4. Doctors are able to spend more time with their patients for personalized care.
  5. Hospitals must accept cash pay patients and many offer discounted rates for cash up front.
  6. Physicians who accept cash only are increasing by 25% per year, although their numbers are still small.
  7. There is a perception that a cash only system is only for the wealthy, but direct medicine can be affordable when you look at the total cost of insurance premiums, deductibles, plus the cost of your medical care.

Capstone Vision works directly for patients, not hospitals, Medicare, or insurance companies. Patients get the care they deserve. We believe in price transparency. We do not participate with third party payers, including insurance companies, Medicare, and Medicaid.  Because we do not submit any information to the insurance companies or Medicare, your private health information remains in our office, private.

Our Lifelong Vision Partnership is a promise to offer the best vision care at every stage of your life, ensuring you have the best technology, the best education, the best doctor, and the best vision experience possible.

You will receive the best, conscientious care at your visit, at which time payment will be required. You will not receive a bill or explanation of benefits from your insurance company with confusing charges, co-pay, or deductible.

Click here for a list of our all-inclusive fees and payment options.